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3 Pillars


With its motto of ‘redefining staffing’, Samathva seeks to ‘redefine hiring’ by not just searching and opting applicants but by passing them through two rounds of interviews before getting them employed.


Samathva Staffing Services also provide consultancy services regarding man power supply and human resource management.

Man power

This new staffing services seek for both skilled and unskilled laborers and aims human resource recruitment in both white and blue collard job as in Middle Management Staffs and Junior Level Staffs, Workers etc.

Our Vision

Our VISION quite simply is to be: “The Indian Premier Staffing Company, offering service, dream jobs, to people everywhere.”

Premier Staffing company

Being the Premier Staffing company does not mean being the biggest but it does mean being the best in terms of consumer/peoples value, customer service, employee talent, and consistent and predictable growth.

Bridging The Gap

With a singular vision to help build a new
socio-economic environment, by bridging the gap between the new generation of employable individuals and available opportunities – we work towards bringing in as many into the bracket of India’s employed population.

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Our Mission

We at Samathva provide business care by

  • Building accurate marketplace of human resource providers with core focus on competencies specialization.
  • Our target is to unlock the potential of right candidate by giving a million creative jobs/opportunity to live off their life.
  • Our mission is to bridges the gap in filling the constant talent needs to meet the workforce needs of organizations.
  • We identify the best talents to work for you in highly professional and organized establishments through our services. 

Industries We Serve




Oil & Gas/ EPC/ Power


Agro & Food Industry





Construction/ Real estate


Media & Entertainment


Services offered

Executive search

Senior & Middle level Hiring

Worker/ Labour/ Fresher Hiring

Contract/ Permanent Hiring

Recruitment Sources

Internal searches

Voluntary applicants

Employee referrals

Advertisement/Social Media

Various institutes

Why partner with Samathva?

Samathva Staffing believe in power of hands and mind and wants to redefine staffing in order to build up a resourceful India.

It opens the door to both skilled and unskilled powers and filters out the best through dual interviews. We put companies in touch with the most talented people on the job market and keep a pool of experienced candidates who are ready for a career move at a moment’s notice.

Candidates will have undergone a stringent recruitment process and the agency will have a solid understanding of what the person wants from their next job.

Please, take an up-close and personal look inside our company to see just how we attract, develop, motivate, and retain the best performing search team in the industry.

Samathva considers all, so you consider Samathva, and make it your partner to get assurity of a better future.


Understand the client’s requirement

Sourcing candidate

Screening + Shortlist candidates

First round interview

Send for final round interview

Job offer

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Samathva Staffing Services, offering service, dream jobs, to people everywhere.